Home Start HUB

Home Start HUB

The first real estate purchase transaction can be an intimidating and sometime scary process. The Liberty Bank mortgage team realizes this and promise three things to our potential borrowers:

  • Patience—We promise we will give you all the time and help you need to understand the process and feel at ease.  Whether you are ready to go right now or you need some help with credit or income issues we will help you through those issues and move toward home ownership.
  • Transparency—We promise we will answer all your questions. We do not consider any question trivial or silly. In purchasing a home for the first time there isn’t such a thing as a “stupid question”. Our only goal is to make sure you are comfortable with every step of the process and understand fully every detail of the transaction.
  • Communication—We promise to communicate with you on a timely basis. We are busy as everyone is these days, however, we are committed to getting back to you quickly and to use the communication process that you prefer, whether via text, e-mail, or telephone or a combination of these.

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