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A new tiny home for Chris, Cara and Maise

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Such a beautiful outcome inspires us to keep helping people apply for tiny home loans in these unusual times. Thank you for these words, Operation Tiny Home:

“Today, with great joy we welcomed Down Payment Assistance Grant Recipients, Chris, Cara, and their adorable daughter Maise into their newly purchased tiny home.This young family has struggled with the financial impacts of unexpected medical expenses after the birth of their daughter, along with lost income due to COVID-19. This beautiful home will provide safety and stability for years to come.

Thank you, Sutter Home Wines, Mega Tiny Homes, and Liberty Bank Inc for joining us in making this tiny home dream come true!”

The tiny living story of Rhonda

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Rhonda Wilson-Williams is beginning her tiny living journey after getting a loan from Liberty Bank, and we are happy to share her words!

“I’m so thankful for the thousands of people who have preceded me on this journey. Almost everything I read and learned on YouTube is real, and it’s been incredibly helpful, knowing so much, before I actually moved in! I’ve adopted a minimalist’s way of thinking over the past few years.

I realized “stuff” is not essential; people and relationships are.

Brett at Cornerstone designed a storage area for all my Art, so I can change out what I want to be on display and store the rest. The three deep drawers he gave me in the kitchen are substantial storage areas I love.

I’m parked on land owned by a tiny living pioneer, here in Jacksonville (Florida). He’s built two homes himself, converted a third, and is working on converting an Airstream. He has his own little tiny home community.

I hope I’m making a tiny difference in the world (pun intended). I know that telling my story in person to friends and strangers, has sparked interest in many people, both young and older like me, to start their Tiny home journey.

I firmly believe that what started 15 years ago, as a handful of people building their own tiny homes, has taken a foothold in modern building and is changing people’s way of thinking about what a “dream home” looks like. I think the time is right for tiny homes to become commonplace”.

Disclaimer: Liberty Bank of Utah does not endorse or warrant the products or companies listed on this page and nor does it receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from these tiny home builders. Liberty Bank does work with customers who purchase homes from these builders and encourages tiny home purchasers to shop around for the builder that is best for them.

Are you looking for tiny home financing? Check out our presentation for the THIA’s meet up

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Liberty Bank had the honour to talk about financing in the Tiny House Industry Association meetup, on May 21st. In the meeting, Kendall Phillips -CEO of Liberty Bank- and Henry Palma -VP Lending- covered the necessary steps to become a certified tiny home builder approved and ready to work with Liberty Bank.

They also explained the process of inspection used by the bank with third-party inspectors, and several tips for those interested in getting loans, which are available on the presentation used on the THIA meet up, clicking the following link!: How to get financing for a tiny home

5 keys to keep your finances safe from COVID-19

5 keys to keep your finances safe from COVID-19

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Alfredo Montilla

These are times for taking care of ourselves and for redefining the special care given to our loved ones. People around the world are working from home as much as possible. Others are not currently working as COVID-19 intensifies its spread, affecting the public health and global economy. It is time to reorganize financial priorities and prepare ourselves for increasing social distancing measures and other consequences of the virus.

  1. Make a budget: This is a special moment that demands an accurate prognosis of our resources. We could start asking, “How much money do I have and how much could I spent to satisfy my family needs?”.
  2. Minimize your bills and monthly spending: Eliminate unnecessary spending as much as possible. Organize your bills by priority. There are a lot of helpful free mobile apps and websites that will help you organize your spending and create and track budget such as Mint. Check what budgeting services your bank has available.
  3. Develop an emergency plan: Preparing for any financial difficulties and emergencies can help maintain peace of mind, even if we don’t end up needing to rely on them.
  4.  Follow health guidelines: It is essential to keep yourself and the people around you safe following the advice of health experts during the COVID-19 outbreak, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Their guidelines are posted in the website Among them, are: Maintain space at least 6 feet apart, wash hands often, cover a cough or sneeze and stay at home when feeling sick.
  5. Contact your bank or lenders: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) states: ¨if you are not able to pay your bills on time, contact your lenders and services to let them know about your situation¨. Credit card companies and lenders could offer diverse options in order to waive fees like ATM, overpayments, and late fees, or allowing customers to delay, adjust or skip some payments.

To help those borrowers affected by the COVID-19, Liberty Bank Inc is allowing up to 6 months deferral. This includes customers whose income has been impacted by business closures and other efforts to contain this virus.

Reviewing our alternatives and resources are essential to move forward for the excellent health of our community. The world has changed with COVID-19, but our commitment is to help you get this through and let you know that together we can succeed in this time to come. Our best wishes are for the health of you and your families.


To Liberty Bank borrowers affected by COVID-19

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Liberty Bank is participating in the nationwide effort to contain the spread and consequences of COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus). We are doing our part to protect employees, customers, our community, and our economy at large.

To help those customers in need, our policy is to allow up to 6 months deferral for borrowers affected by COVID-19. This includes customers whose income has been impacted by business closures and other efforts to contain COVID-19. The goal of this policy is to delay payments for those placed into financial stress by COVID-19 so that they may better weather the hardships we are all coping with.

If you are in need of this type of relief, we request a letter, from the customer, that details the reasons and the circumstances causing your need. Please attach to the letter documentation of your employment and the business closure that is impacting your income. We encourage all customers impacted by COVID-19 to contact us by email ( We will make every effort to accommodate you the best we can.

Liberty Bank thanks you for being a loyal customer. We wish you, your family, and your friends good health and spirits as we manage this situation together.


-Kendall Phillips, President

Liberty Bank informs: COVID-19 UPDATE

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To help our community in this global concern related to the COVID virus (also known as Coronavirus), Liberty Bank Inc is monitoring the present situation and following the instructions and recommendations of the local and Federal government, so of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In behalf of the present situation, we are striving to offer the best service to our allies, borrowers and customers, and in the same time being prepared to protect the wellbeing of our employees and clientele. That’s why we encourage people to stay home when sick, excepting to receive medical care.

Nevertheless, we are responding to the requirements of any customer or anyone else interested in our services.

Our branch keeps its doors opened, and we understand if any of our members prefer to conduct business online or from their offices and homes. Therefore, we invite you to contact us through the usual channels via telephone: 801-355-7436, our email or our social media accounts on Facebook:; Twitter: @LibertyBankInc, and Instagram: @libertybankinc.

In this particular moment, we endeavour for the vigorous health of our allies, borrowers and customers, helping to keep them and their relatives out of any risk in this unique situation. Still, most of all, we wanted to thank you for being a loyal member of this family called Liberty Bank Inc.

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