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Taking out a loan can be intimidating, many individuals don’t know exactly what to think. Some consider them unnecessary, while others see them as a line of credit.

Loans function best when used for a specific purpose, such as funding the startup of a business or financing a home.

Loans can also be used for consumer needs, but only with great discretion. If you are taking out a loan without a plan, it could be dangerous.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Residential Loans

Ready to take out a loan for your dream house? Whether you need to refinance your present home or want to buy a beautiful new home, we can help.

Small Equipment Loans

Need some equipment to start up your small business? With tax advantages and 100% financing options, taking out a small equipment loan can greatly benefit your business.

SBA Commercial Loans

When starting your small business, it is important to build the right foundation. A SBA loan (ex: SBA 7a or SBA 504) may be the tool you need to turn dreams into reality.

Get Pre-Qualified Today

Liberty Bank is here to help you determine which financial option is best for you.

With numerous years’ experience and training, our Salt Lake City loan officers will find a solution that fits your financial goals and needs.

When used correctly, loans can be a great monetary tool, providing individuals with a chance to pursue their dreams of a home, business, or new car.

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