We Can Help Get You Into Your First Home

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Now is a great time to refinance your present home with a 30 year fixed rate,
which is near an all-time low.

Whether you want to buy a new home or need to refinance a current home, Liberty Bank of Utah is ready to help.

We care about our clients and their families, working closely with them to find the best option possible for their situation.

We are committed to offering you personalized, customer-friendly and experienced mortgage professionals, striving to meet the needs of the home owner’s financing.

We can take care of all your home loan concerns, from low-interest rates to affordable payment plans.

Liberty Bank of Utah, your community bank.

Rent or Buy?

Renting a home can eat up your finances.  While monthly payments may be manageable, you aren’t able to reap the benefits of your payments.

Homeownership is the goal and it usually makes a better investment in the long run.

Whether you are tired of paying rent to a black hole or need more space for your growing family,Liberty Bank can help you secure the home loan you need to make your first purchase.

With numerous years’ experience, our trusted advisers can guide you through this difficult and confusing process.

They will make sure you pursue a financially beneficial decision, selecting a home option that is manageable and worth the investment.

As you contemplate your desire to move ahead with Homeownership, remember that we are here to help whenever you need us.

Need Help With A Downpayment?

We also offer federal downpayment assistance, bounce on over to our Homestart page for more details.