Liberty Bank of Utah is celebrating 65 years

Liberty Bank: Your Neighborhood Bank since 1956!

After 65 years of serving Salt Lake City, we feel more than ever encouraged to help our customers increase their earning potential through our competitive CD Rates, Money Market Programs, and mortgage services.

Liberty bank specializes in offering affordable housing loans to families, and the bank partnered with the Tiny home builders across the United States to provide loans.

We share a special affection for our hometown community, Salt Lake City, since our team began the journey in 1956 to help local customers and businesses, we now provide Tiny Home loans all over the United States. Thank you for trusting Liberty Bank with your financial needs all these years.

Now we are looking forward to new opportunities, and offering new services,

Always having our customers in mind!

Thank you for trusting us!

And thank you for being part of our story!

The Liberty Bank team.