Deposit Accounts

Protect your Finances

We Understand How Important it Is To Protect Your Finances

One way to do this is by opening up a deposit account. Many people invest their money into an account that provides protection, as well as growth.

We offer several different types of accounts to choose from, each tailored to our clients’ specific needs. When you meet with one of our bankers, you will be able to select the right account for your financial plan.

Each account is designed to help you accomplish your financial goals.

We are Salt Lake City’s community bank, offering great customer service and personalized financial plans for every client. Since 1956, our bank has been protecting the finances of local residents.

As members of the Utah Bankers Association, we believe in offering every individual friendly service and caring support.

Our regular checking account is a great option for any budget! We won’t ever enforce a service charge or a minimum $100 balance.

You can enjoy unlimited check writing, monthly statements with images, and much more. This option is available for personal checking and business accounts.


Money Market Accounts

If you want to earn interest on your money without committing to a long-term maturity agreement, this account is a great option for you. Your funds will always be available without any penalty! One of the key benefits from this account is the simplicity-you choose the rate you want by the balance you keep. You can save for the future, whether it’s short term or long term. Also, automatic transfers can help your money grow, producing great results with very little effort. This premier money market account may be a great choice for your financial goal

Certificate of Deposit

With this option, you can target your savings growth to a future date, earning your way to success. There are several different options for you to select from, catering to even the smallest sums. We offer maturities to fit your needs and interest rates to motivate your savings! You can see more details on available terms and current rates on our CD Rates page.

Open An Account

If you interested in opening up a deposit account, we can help. All accounts will be insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000 per depositor.

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